Red Light Running As A Cause Of Accident Injuries

Red Light Running

Red light running is an ongoing traffic safety issue. When someone runs a red light, it places many vehicles, and other people in the area, in potential jeopardy.

The issue of red light running is especially notable now as the number of deaths attributed to red light running has recently reached a 10-year high. This accident cause and the increasing number of fatalities was discussed by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. An excerpt from the August 29, 2019 press release titled “Red Light Running Deaths Hit 10 Year High”:

According to the AAA Foundation’s latest Traffic Safety Culture Index, 85% of drivers view red light running as very dangerous, yet nearly one in three say they blew through a red light within the past 30 days when they could have stopped safely. More than 2 in 5 drivers also say it is unlikely they’ll be stopped by police for running a red light. Nevertheless, it’s against the law and if a driver is involved in a deadly crash, it could send them to jail.

There have been many accidents in the Chicago area that occurred due to a motorist running a red light. These traffic accidents have led to a variety of accident injuries, with some injuries being life-threatening or fatal in nature.

One such collision occurred in Will County. In this accident, in which a car allegedly ran a red light and hit a truck, is discussed in the “Car Collides With Truck In New Lenox Township” post. In that collision – near Spencer and Gougar Roads – one driver had life-threatening injuries and one driver had non-life-threatening injuries.

Another Chicago-area crash occurred in April 2020, in Chicago’s Park Manor neighborhood. That crash happened after one driver allegedly disregarded a red light. The crash led to two fatalities. The accident is summarized in the “Park Manor Car Crash” post.

A 2016 McHenry County collision involved a truck and SUV. In this collision, the truck driver told police he attempted to stop at the light but could not. That accident is summarized in the “SUV And Semi Truck Collide In Crystal Lake” post. The driver of the SUV was injured, including suffering a traumatic brain injury.

Reasons That These Intersection Crashes Are Usually Serious Accidents

There are many reasons that if an accident occurs after a driver runs a red light, it often results in serious accident injuries.

When a driver runs a red light, the driver often speeds up in order to get through the intersection as quickly as possible. This increased speed not only increases the likelihood of an accident, but also increases the probability that if an accident occurs injuries will be of greater severity.

As well, the type of collision that can occurs after a driver runs a red light is often one that can cause serious injuries. Among the most common type of crash is the “t-bone crash.” These crashes often involve a highly forceful collision of the front of one vehicle hitting the side of another vehicle. Given the force involved and other physical aspects, vehicle occupants in both vehicles are vulnerable to being hurt in many different ways. Among the injuries that may occur include back injuries; spinal cord injuries; concussions and other traumatic brain injuries; and thoracic trauma.

What To Do If Hurt During An Accident

If you are hurt during an accident, there are various steps that you should take. These steps include those to safeguard health as well as to protect your legal rights, including the ability to get injury compensation.

From a health perspective, it is highly recommended that you get a thorough medical examination if you have been injured. There are many reasons for this recommendation. One reason is that a thorough medical examination, which is often performed in the hospital emergency room (ER), can check for all injuries, not just those that are readily apparent.

As seen in various Chicago-area accidents, people can have various serious injuries that may not be apparent to the injured person. If there are serious injuries that are not promptly and properly treated, they may lead to a deterioration in health that may become life-threatening.

Take Action If Injured By A Negligent Driver

If you are injured by a negligent driver, such as one that has caused an accident after red light running, you may be able to get injury compensation. This injury compensation can be attained through the filing of a personal injury lawsuit.

Although there are many reasons as to why an injured person may elect to file a lawsuit, a primary reason is that injury compensation is needed. Compensation is often needed to pay for medical bills and other financial issues such as lost income. Depending upon the nature of the accident injuries and the recovery from those injuries, medical bills can be significant, if not substantial.

A successful lawsuit can provide money for past, present, and future medical bills; lost wages; pain & suffering; and other hardships caused by the accident.

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