McHenry County “Head-On Collisions”

McHenry County Vehicle Accidents 

As discussed on this site, there have been many types of vehicle accidents that have occurred in McHenry County.  These accidents have involved various vehicle types, including cars, SUVs, pickup trucks, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrians.  Many of these accidents have led to accident injuries that have varied both in type and severity.  Some of the injuries have led to fatalities.

Among the accident types that typically lead to serious injuries – and in many cases fatalities – is those in which “head-on collisions” occur.

Typical Reasons For “Head-On Collisions”

“Head-On Collisions” typically occur for one of two reasons:  either a vehicle “crosses the center line” and drives into the opposing lane of traffic, at which point a collision can occur if there is an oncoming vehicle;  another reason is if, in the cases of divided highways or expressways, a vehicle is driving in the wrong direction.  These “wrong-way driver” accidents typically occur when the driver is impaired by alcohol or drug use.

Drivers can “cross the center line” for a number of reasons.  Among these reasons are the following:

Distracted Driving

There are many types of activities that can lead to a driver being distracted.  These “distracted drivers” have led to many accidents in the Chicago area.  The subject of distracted driving is further discussed on the “Distracted Driving Accidents” page.  A “distracted driver,” due to inattentiveness, can easily “drift” or drive into the opposing lane of traffic, thus setting up a potential “head-on collision.”  As seen in various statistics, at typical speeds it doesn’t take a long period of “distraction” for a vehicle to significantly stray.

Loss Of Vehicle Control

There are many reasons why a driver can lose control of a vehicle.  Many of these reasons are further discussed on the “McHenry County Loss Of Vehicle Control Accidents.”  In the broader Chicago area, including McHenry County, one of the potential reasons for loss of vehicle control is ice and snow on the roadway.  However, many other factors that can lead to loss of control.  Another factor is mechanical failure, which can happen for many reasons.  Among the most dangerous mechanical failures is sudden tire failure, i.e. a “tire blowout.”  The rapid loss of air in a tire can lead the car or other type of vehicle to suddenly become (very) unstable.

If there is a loss of vehicle control, the vehicle can easily enter the opposing lane of traffic, at which time a “head-on collision” can occur if there is oncoming traffic.

Driver Impairment

As mentioned above, driver impairment has led to “head-on collisions.”  In past years, this driver impairment has typically involved people who drive after drinking, i.e. “drunk driving.”  However, another type of driver impairment has recently become much more common – drivers who are impaired by drug use.  This traffic safety issue is further discussed on the “Car Accidents Caused By Drug-Impaired Drivers” page.  As discussed on that page, there are many drugs that have been used by people prior to driving.  The level of intoxication can be increased if there is “mixed drug use,” such as ingesting cocaine and then smoking marijuana, and/or taking drugs and drinking alcohol.  Regardless of what drugs are taken, the resulting level of impairment has led to many serious accidents in the Chicago area, including those leading to serious injuries and/or fatalities.  Many of these accidents have involved “head-on collisions.”

McHenry County “Head-On Crashes”

There have been various frontal collisions between vehicles in McHenry County.  Among those that have been summarized on this site include the following:

Accident Injuries Resulting From These “Head-On” Collisions

As previously mentioned, accident injuries that occur during “head-on collisions” are often serious in nature, and, as seen in the McHenry County accidents mentioned above, can be fatal.  There is a broad range of accident injuries that can occur during these crashes, due to the various dynamics of the collisions.  Vehicle occupants are typically subject to (very) high levels of physical trauma, which, along with the unnatural forces involved, can lead to various accident injuries.

In cases of non-fatal accident injuries, some of these injuries may be permanent or semi-permanent in nature, and as such may require ongoing medical care.  Among the injuries that may lead to ongoing medical needs is spinal injuries and paralysis as well as various types of traumatic brain injuries.

What To Do If Hurt In A McHenry County Vehicle Accident

There are various steps one should take if injured in a McHenry County accident.  Ten of these steps are discussed in the “Steps To Take After An Auto Accident” page.  Among these steps are those involving both legal and medical issues.

From a medical perspective, it is recommended that following an accident in which one is injured, that the person have a thorough medical exam as soon as possible.  While there are various medical and legal reasons for this recommendation, from a health perspective there may be injuries that may not be immediately apparent.  A thorough medical exam can identify injuries that may be present but for which symptoms have not yet become apparent.  Some of these injuries for which there are no apparent symptoms may be serious, and in some cases, life-threatening in nature if they are not promptly and properly treated.  Among these injuries are various types of head injuries as well as internal bleeding.

Compensation For Accident Injuries

If accident injuries are due to the negligence of another person or party, the injured person may be able to get injury compensation through the filing of a personal injury lawsuit.  For those that represent those who have died in an accident due to the negligence or fault of another person, filing a wrongful death lawsuit may be appropriate.

There may be various types of compensation available, depending upon the characteristics of the injuries as well as the overall legal situation.  Among these compensation types include:

  • Medical costs (including past, current and future expenses)
  • Pain and suffering
  • Disability
  • Disfigurement
  • Loss of function
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of consortium
  • Other economic damages

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