Intersection Crashes Resulting In Injuries And Fatalities

Intersection Crashes

Many types of accidents can occur at intersections. These accidents are notable in that they often lead to serious injuries and, at times, fatalities.

Intersection crashes involve all types of road users. As seen in the Chicago-area accidents that happen at such junctions, these road users include not only the drivers and other occupants of passenger vehicles and trucks, but also other road users such as motorcyclists, pedestrians, and bicyclists.

Causes Of Intersection Accidents

Some of the primary causes of these crashes include:

When a driver runs a red light

Red-light running remains a significant traffic safety problem. When a driver runs through a red light, all of the road users at the intersection can be placed in jeopardy. According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, deaths caused by red light running have recently hit a 10-year high.  Further discussion of this negligent driving can be seen on the “Red Light Running As A Cause Of Accident Injuries” page.

It can be difficult to predict when a motorist is going to disregard a traffic control device. As such, a vehicle may suddenly and unexpectedly enter the intersection. These vehicles often are traveling at higher speeds because the driver is attempting to get through the intersection as quickly as possible.

If the vehicle collides with another vehicle or road user after blowing through the red light, the resulting collision is often highly traumatic. Among the common types of crashes that result is the “t-bone” crash, which is when the front of one vehicle forcefully strikes the side of another vehicle. This crash, especially if it happens at higher speeds, is often highly physically traumatic to all vehicle occupants. Due to the dynamics of this type of collision, the occupants are subject to strong and unnatural physical forces.

When A Vehicle Hits The Vehicle Stopped In Front Of It

Another common type of crash is when one vehicle collides with the vehicle in front of it. When a vehicle “rear-ends” another vehicle, the driver of the stopped vehicle can suffer various types of injuries. While in many cases the vehicle occupants in the stopped vehicle may not be hurt, if injuries do occur they can vary in type and severity. Among the most common type of injury resulting from these collisions is “whiplash.” In some cases injuries can be more extensive and severe.

A vehicle may collide with the vehicle stopped in front of it for many reasons. One of the more common reasons is that the driver of the rearward vehicle may be distracted. This distraction may be enough for the driver to fail to notice the vehicle stopped ahead of it.

Turning Vehicles That Cause Accidents

Turning vehicles can cause various types of accidents at intersections. A common type of crash can occur when a vehicle turning left fails to yield the right of way to an oncoming vehicle.

Another common reason for a collision is when a vehicle turning right fails to yield to an oncoming vehicle.

One of the most common types of motorcycle crashes continues to be when a vehicle making a left-hand turn fails to yield to an oncoming motorcycle. If a crash occurs, the resulting accident injuries suffered by the motorcycle (and, if applicable, passenger) are often very serious in nature. As seen in many Illinois motorcycle accidents, including McHenry County motorcycle crashes, this type of accident often results in the motorcyclist suffering life-threatening injuries, and in many cases fatalities.

Those who are walking are also involved in various types of crashes involving turning vehicles. Some of these accidents happen when a walker tries to cross the street in a crosswalk. While using the crosswalk with the light is supposed to provide safe passage, there have been many Chicago area accidents involving a walker being hit in a crosswalk. These failure to yield accidents can happen when a driver is attempting to make either left-hand or right-hand turns.

Any time a pedestrian is hit by a vehicle, serious, wide-ranging injuries can occur. Among the most common injuries are broken bones, thoracic injuries, contusions and head injuries. In some instances pedestrian accident injuries lead to a fatality.

Steps To Take If Injured During An Accident

Whenever someone is injured in an accident, it is a good idea to take various actions. These actions aim to both protect the person’s health, as well as maximize the ability to get injury compensation if the accident was another person’s fault.

For many reasons, it is advisable to get a thorough medical exam following being hurt. A thorough medical examination, typically conducted at the hospital, can identify all injuries, including those that may not be obvious. There are many types of accident injuries that may not be partially or fully evident. Depending upon the injury, any delay of medical care can lead to adverse medical consequences. In some instances, injuries that are left untreated may lead to life-threatening injuries.

After being injured, the ability to get compensation is also a very important issue. If a person is injured because of another person’s negligence, the injured person may be able to collect significant, if not substantial, compensation.

This compensation can be very important as medical care for injuries can be expensive. This medical care can include hospitalization, tests, procedures, surgeries, and various types of rehabilitation.

In addition to medical care, various other types of financial issues may be presented, including the loss of income due to the inability to work while the person recovers from their injuries.

In accidents that result in a person’s death, relevant parties can file a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of the person who was killed.

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