I-90 “Chain-Reaction” Crash Near Huntley

Multi-Vehicle Accident Near Huntley

There was a multi-car accident on I-90 near Huntley on Friday morning (January 9, 2015) which started when two semis “jackknifed.”  The Illinois State Police (ISP) says that at least ten vehicles were involved in the subsequent “chain reaction” accident.

The accident happened during “slick” road conditions caused by cold temperatures – in the single digits – and blowing snow.

According to the ISP, the accident happened at approximately 7:50 a.m. in the eastbound lanes near Illinois Route 47.

An excerpt from the January 9, 2015 Chicago Tribune article titled “Semis jackknife on icy road, causing chain reaction involving at least 10 cars“:

After the trucks jackknifed, “10 to 12 other accidents and incidents’’ happened, with motorists hitting walls, driving into ditches and spinning out, said Carlos.

No serious injuries were reported stemming from the accident.

For Additional Details Regarding This Chain-Reaction Accident

Additional details and possible updates regarding this accident can be seen in the Chicago Tribune article mentioned above, as well as the January 9 Daily Herald article titled “Icy conditions cause morning I-90 backup.”