Dangerous Intersections At Which Accidents And Injuries Occur

What Are Dangerous Intersections?

While there is no standard definition of what constitutes dangerous intersections, generally speaking they are junctions at which many accidents occur. Due to the types of accidents that occur at such junctions, injuries resulting from such crashes are usually serious in nature. In some cases such injuries lead to fatalities.

While various crossroads are considered to be dangerous intersections, the problems that are causing such accidents may take years, if ever, to resolve. Such problems are usually corrected during intersection improvements or a complete reconstruction.

Characteristics Of Dangerous Intersections

Among the reasons that intersections may be problematical include:

Greater Traffic Than The Intersection Was Designed To Accommodate

Intersections are often envisioned and designed to accommodate a certain amount of traffic. If, for whatever reason, this traffic substantially increases, various problems can occur at the junction. There can be various reasons as to why traffic can substantially increase. Among these reasons is that the area can be expanding either from a commercial or residential standpoint. Alternately, if other area roadways become busy, drivers may seek alternate routes that may be faster.

If traffic becomes greater than what the intersection was designed to handle, congestion and various traffic safety issues can be presented. Some drivers may drive more aggressively in an attempt to make it through faster. Among the aggressive – and illegal – tactics these drivers may use include speeding; running through red lights; and failing to yield. All of these maneuvers can increase the odds of an accident occurring.

Poor Visibility

Poor visibility can cause a variety of problems. Inadequate lighting is a major contributor to poor visibility. If drivers are not able to adequately see all the traffic flow, the potential for accidents can increase.

Poor visibility can also impact traffic safety if drivers are unable to clearly see traffic signals.

Numerous Streets Meeting At The Intersection

In certain intersections – especially in urban areas – numerous streets can meet at an intersection. This can add complexity to the intersection that causes confusion among drivers and other road users such as pedestrians and bicyclists. Some of the confusion may involve difficulty in assessing where traffic flow is coming from and its duration. As well, these junctions can be larger, to accommodate the many streets, and it can be difficult to judge the timing of potential traffic.

Inappropriate Speed Limit

If the streets leading to the junction have speed limits that are set too high, traffic safety can be jeopardized. Vehicles may be traveling at speeds which do not allow enough reaction time for drivers to safely adapt to changing conditions.

One common type of intersection accident is when one vehicle “rear ends” the vehicle in front of it. While this type of collision can occur for various reasons, if the rearward vehicle is traveling too quickly this can cause or contribute to the accident. If a driver’s vehicle is “rear ended” the driver and other occupants can suffer various injuries. Among the possible injuries is “whiplash.”

Lack of Dedicated Turn Lanes

If an intersection lacks dedicated turn lanes, it can be problematical depending upon the amount of traffic and other dynamics. Dedicated turn lanes can be beneficial in many regards, including aiding in traffic flow, reducing uncertainty, and improving sight lines. Overall, they are often beneficial in improving traffic safety.

If the intersection was not designed with these dedicated turn lanes, the likelihood of an accident can increase.

McHenry County Intersection Accidents

There are various reasons as to why accidents happen at crossroad areas. The “Intersection Crashes Resulting In Injuries And Fatalities” page discusses reasons for such collisions and what to do if injured in a collision.

On this site, various McHenry County intersection accidents causing injuries have been summarized. A few of those discussed are:

  • a 2021 Woodstock bicycle accident at Dean Street and Lucas Road
  • a 2020 motorcycle accident near Crystal Lake at Crystal Lake Avenue and Pingree Road
  • a 2020 Crystal Lake rollover accident at Three Oaks Road and Route 31
  • a 2018 fatal Huntley crash at Algonquin and Haligus Roads

Steps To Take If Injured In An Accident

For those who have been hurt during an accident, there are various steps that should be taken. Generally speaking, these steps help accomplish two main objectives. The first objective is to protect one’s health. The second objective is to help maximize the amount of injury compensation one may get if the accident was caused by another person.

If injured during an accident, it is critical to get prompt and thorough medical treatment. A thorough medical exam, which is intended to identify all injuries, is often performed at the hospital in the emergency room (ER.) This medical exam seeks to identify all accident injuries, not just those that are readily apparent. Some injuries – although potentially very serious – may not be readily apparent to the injured person. Among these injuries are serious traumatic brain injuries (TBI) as well as internal bleeding. If these injuries are not promptly identified and treated, they can potentially lead to adverse health conditions. In severe cases the injuries can lead to life-threatening conditions.

Once the thorough medical exam is completed, a proper course of medical treatment can be planned and administered. Treatment will vary depending upon the injuries and their severity. Among the possible treatment includes hospitalization, tests, medications, monitoring, surgeries, and rehabilitations.

This medical treatment often leads to significant if not substantial medical bills. In addition to these bills, there can be other financial burdens that occur when someone is injured. One of these burdens is that there may be an inability to work during the injury recovery period. If unable to work, the person may lose income.

For these reasons – as well as others – getting appropriate injury compensation becomes a primary concern. Most people attempt to get the maximum amount of compensation through the filing of a personal injury lawsuit. [If a person is killed in an accident, relevant parties can seek to file a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of the person who was killed.]

Various types of injury compensation may be available, including that for:

  • Medical costs (past, current and future bills)
  • Pain & suffering
  • Disability
  • Disfigurement
  • Loss of function
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of consortium
  • Ambulance charges
  • Other economic damages

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