Crystal Lake “Wrong-Way” Crash Along Rakow Road

McHenry County Fatal “Wrong-Way” Crash A Crystal Lake “wrong-way” crash occurred Sunday (August 9, 2020) afternoon. This Crystal Lake “wrong-way” crash led to the death of one driver and injured three other people. According to Crystal Lake Police, this accident occurred on Rakow Road,  just east of Pyott Road. The accident involved a driver driving … Read more

Rear-End Collision Near Woodstock Injures Three People

McHenry County Rear-End Collision A rear-end collision occurred near Woodstock on Thursday ( June 25, 2020) morning. This rear-end collision resulted in three people being injured and being taken to the hospital. This accident is discussed in a variety of media sources, including the June 25, 2020 Lake & McHenry County Scanner article titled “3 … Read more

Unincorporated Hebron Car Crash Leads To One Fatality

McHenry County Fatal Car Crash An unincorporated Hebron car crash occurred Monday (May 18, 2020) afternoon. This unincorporated Hebron car crash led to the death of one person, and injuries to two others. The accident involved two vehicles. A preliminary investigation indicates that one vehicle had improper lane usage; a vehicle crossed the center line … Read more

McHenry Head-On Crash Along Route 31 Injures Two Drivers

McHenry County Accident Injures Two People A McHenry head-on crash occurred Monday (February 10, 2020) afternoon. This McHenry head-on crash injured two drivers. The collision happened along Route 31, just south of Route 120. This McHenry County accident is discussed in various media sources, including the February 10, 2020 Lake & McHenry County Scanner article … Read more

Unincorporated Woodstock Fatal Single-Car Accident

Fatal McHenry County Rollover Accident An Unincorporated Woodstock single-car accident led to one fatality and two other vehicle occupants suffering life-threatening injuries. This Unincorporated Woodstock single-car accident occurred early in the morning of November 24, 2019. The crash occurred in the 11100 block of Charles Road, which is in unincorporated Woodstock. The crash is discussed … Read more

Unincorporated McHenry Car Crash Involving A “Head-On Collision”

Fatal McHenry County Car Collision There was a fatal unincorporated McHenry car crash early Saturday (May 11, 2019) morning. This McHenry County car crash involved a “head-on collision.” This fatal accident is discussed in a variety of media sources, including the May 13, 2019 McHenry County Sheriff’s Office media release titled “Sheriff’s Office Investigating Fatal … Read more

Snow-Related Crashes Throughout McHenry County

McHenry County Vehicle Accidents There have been many snow-related crashes in the last day (February 14, 2019) in McHenry County that have been attributed to snow and drifting snow. These conditions, including some black ice formation, have led to adverse driving conditions. Two media sources that discuss these adverse driving conditions are the February 14, 2019 … Read more

Fatal SUV Crash Near Woodstock Involving Adverse Road Conditions

McHenry County Fatal SUV Crash There was a fatal SUV crash near Woodstock early Sunday (December 16, 2018) morning.  This fatal SUV crash near Woodstock involved a SUV striking a tree after the SUV left the roadway. An excerpt regarding this fatal SUV crash near Woodstock, from the December 17, 2018 Daily Herald article titled … Read more

Alden Township Car Crash Involving Two Cars Injures Five People

Two-Vehicle McHenry County Collision There was a Alden Township car crash Thursday (November 22, 2018) afternoon involving two vehicles.  Five people were injured during this Alden Township car crash. This McHenry County car accident happened at the intersection of Alden Road and O’Brien Road.  An excerpt regading the crash, from the November 24, 2018 Northwest Herald, quoting … Read more

Hartland Township Two-Car Collision Injures Three People

McHenry County Two-Car Collision There was a Hartland Township two-car collision on Sunday (November 4, 2018).  Three people were injured and taken to the hospital following the crash. Details on this Hartland Township two-car collision appear somewhat limited.  The cause of this McHenry County car crash does not appear to be publicly disclosed at this … Read more