Marengo DUI Crash Injures Three Adults And Two Children

McHenry County DUI Crash

On Thursday (March 12, 2020) there was a Marengo DUI crash that led to five people being injured. This Marengo DUI crash involved two vehicles.

The accident is discussed in the March 13, 2020 Lake & McHenry County Scanner article titled “Man charged with DUI after 5 injured, including 2 children, in Marengo crash.”

An excerpt from the article:

Chad Morin, 45, of the 800 block of Hickory Court in Marengo, was charged with driving under the fluence and improper lane usage.

The Marengo Police Department and Marengo Fire and Rescue Districts responded around 3:20 p.m. Thursday to the area of the Taco Bell, 19800 East Grant Highway, for a report of a rollover crash with injuries.

Marengo Police Department Public Information Officer Andrew Kjellgren said a maroon Honda SUV, driven by Morin, left the roadway and struck a silver Ford SUV. The collision caused the Ford to roll over.

All five people injured in this accident were taken to the hospital and subsequently released.

Additional Details Regarding This Marengo DUI Crash

Additional details and possible updates concerning this Marengo DUI crash can be seen in the article mentioned above, as well as other media sources.

Driving while impaired, whether on alcohol or drugs, continues to present a serious traffic safety issue. Many McHenry County DUI crashes have been summarized on this site. These accidents are summarized in posts found under the “DUI” category. As seen in these posts, many of these accidents have resulted in either serious injuries, critical injuries, or fatalities. While, in the past, most accidents involving driver impairment was caused by the driver drinking alcohol prior to driving, in recent years there has been a large increase in drug-impaired driving. This drug-impaired driving often leads to severe accidents due to the resulting level of driver impairment.

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