Snow-Related Crashes Throughout McHenry County

McHenry County Vehicle Accidents

There have been many snow-related crashes in the last day (February 14, 2019) in McHenry County that have been attributed to snow and drifting snow. These conditions, including some black ice formation, have led to adverse driving conditions.

Two media sources that discuss these adverse driving conditions are the February 14, 2019 Northwest Herald article titled “McHenry County Sheriff’s Office responds to 35 crashes, assists more than 100 motorists” as well as the February 13 article titled “Chicago Weather: Blowing snow leads to spinouts, crashes across area.”

As seen in these sources as well as others, these snow-related crashes involve many types of accidents. Among the crashes and accident types were spinouts, slide-offs,
 jackknifed semis, rollover accidents, multi-vehicle accidents (MVAs), and a collision between two semi trucks.

There were various injuries that occurred during these snow-related crashes.

An excerpt from the Northwest Herald article concerning the rollover accident mentioned above:

Harvard Fire Protection District Deputy Chief Don Davidson said police had sent his responders away because no injuries were reported.

Davidson said emergency crews responded Tuesday night to a rollover crash at Route 173 and White Oaks Road that resulted in four people being sent to Mercyhealth Hospital and Medical Center in Harvard with injuries not considered life-threatening.

Additional Details Regarding These Snow-Related Crashes

Additional details regarding these snow-related crashes can be seen in a variety of media sources, including the articles mentioned above.