Fatal Crystal Lake Pedestrian Accident On Randall Road

Fatal McHenry County Pedestrian Accident

There was a fatal Crystal Lake pedestrian accident early Sunday (September 16, 2018) morning.  The accident happened on Randall Road.

Details on this Crystal Lake pedestrian accident appear somewhat limited at this time.

According to Crystal Lake Police, a 38-year-old man from Mahomet, Illinois was crossing Randall Road near Angela Lane at approximately 12:36 a.m. when he was hit by a northbound pickup truck.  The man was then struck by a Dodge Charger also traveling northbound.

The pedestrian killed. was later identified as Bryan C. Reigart.  A subsequent autopsy revealed multiple injuries.  An excerpt from the September 16, 2018 Crystal Lake Patch article titled “Coroner IDs Pedestrian Killed While Crossing Randall“:

The McHenry County Coroner’s Office’s preliminary investigation has revealed Reigart died from blunt force injuries of the head, chest and abdomen.

Another excerpt regarding this fatal Crystal Lake pedestrian accident from the September 16, 2018 Daily Herald article titled “Pedestrian killed when hit by pickup truck in Crystal Lake“:

The death remains under investigation by the Crystal Lake Accident Investigation Team and the McHenry County Coroner’s Office, authorities said. Anyone with information is asked to call the Crystal Lake Police Department at (815) 356-3620 or can send an anonymous tip to police by texting the word “CLPDTIP” along with the information to 847411 (tip411).

Additional Details Regarding This Fatal Crystal Lake Pedestrian Accident

Additional details and possible updates concerning this fatal Crystal Lake pedestrian accident can be seen in a variety of media sources, including the article mentioned above.

Road Hazards And Road Debris In Illinois And McHenry County

Road hazards and the threat they present to traffic safety is discussed on the “McHenry County Road Hazards” page.  As seen on that page, road hazards can take many forms.  Among the most dangerous road hazards are those objects that hit vehicles as they drive down the expressway or other roadway.  These objects can include tires and wheels which have detached (often called “wheel separations”) from other vehicles.  One such Chicago-area accident that involved a wheel that had detached off of a SUV and fatally struck a driver in a car as the driver was traveling on the Bishop Ford Freeway.

Other types of road hazards can include high standing water on the roadway.  Depending on the depth of the water and other characteristics, this standing water can cause hydroplaning or other adverse impacts on vehicle handling, which can lead to a loss of vehicle control.

Another type of road hazard is large potholes or other types of substantial road deformities which, if hit by a vehicle, can cause the driver to lose control.

One of the reasons that road hazards are potentially dangerous is that they often are unexpected; as well, they can suddenly appear and as such may leave the motorist with little reaction time to successfully react to the hazard.

As well, if the motorist is driving at night or other situations with limited visibility, these road hazards can be especially problematical.

On August 30, 2018 NBC Chicago aired a video segment titled “More Than 9,000 Crashes on Illinois Roads Caused By Debris.”  The segment discusses one type of road hazard, debris that is sitting on the roadway.  If hit or run over by a vehicle, such debris can cause a range of adverse effects, including a loss of control and/or a crash.  As seen in the segment, many people have been injured and some have been killed due to road debris.

An excerpt from the article:

Seventeen people have been killed in crashes caused by debris on Illinois roadways, according to the Illinois Department of Transportation’s most recent data.

From 2012 to 2016, more than 9,000 accidents have resulted in more than 1,500 people injured.

As seen in the segment, there is a wide range of items that IDOT has found on the roadway, including kitchen sinks, grills, and mattresses.

Additional details and possible updates concerning road hazards and road debris can be seen in the sources mentioned above.