St. Patrick’s Day DUI Enforcement Efforts

Drunk Driving Accidents In McHenry County

Drunk driving accidents in McHenry County, as well as throughout Illinois, remain a cause for concern.  The topic is further discussed in the McHenry County Drunk Driving Accidents page.

Many drunk driving accidents occur during and around major holiday weekends.  As such, enforcement efforts are often targeted around these dates.

On March 12, 2015, the Illinois Department of Transportation issued a news release titled “IDOT, Illinois State Police, Local Law Enforcement:  Luck Alone Will Not Get You Home on St. Patricks’s Day.” (pdf)

An excerpt:

The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) and the Illinois State Police (ISP) are partnering with nearly 200 local law enforcement agencies throughout the state this weekend and through St. Patrick’s Day to  encourage everyone celebrating to act responsibly and designate a sober driver. No amount of luck can save you from a drunk-driving crash. Everyone must do their part to help keep roads safe this St. Patrick’s Day. The message is simple – Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over.

Here are the unlucky statistics:

  • In the last ten years (2005-2014), 30 people lost their lives in motor-vehicle crashes on March 17 (12:00 a.m.-11:59 p.m.). Eleven of those deaths involved a driver who had been drinking.
  • When celebrations fall on the weekend directly before or afterMarch 17, typically there are more St. Patrick’s Day celebrations and potentially more impaired drivers on the roads. Last year in Illinois, March 17 occurred on a Monday, with the majority of St. Patrick’s Day activities happening between Friday, March 14, and the early-morning hours of Tuesday, March 18. During that timeframe, four people died in motor vehicle crashes, with one of those deaths involving an impaired driver.

Additional Details Regarding St. Patrick’s Day Enforcement Efforts

Additional details, including safety tips for those hosting and attending parties, can be seen in the IDOT news release mentioned above.

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Drunk Driving In McHenry County

Drinking While Driving In Illinois And McHenry County

Accidents caused by intoxicated motorists (DUI) continues to be a problematical issue in Illinois as well as nationally.  According to the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) 2013 Illinois Crash Facts and Statistics (pdf) report, of the 895 fatal crashes in Illinois in 2013, 33.2% involved alcohol.  Of course, there were additional non-fatal crashes involving drivers who were intoxicated.

Drunk driving accidents in McHenry County are broadly discussed in the McHenry County Drunk Driving Accidents page, and specific accidents involving DUI charges are seen in the DUI category.

The reasons and contributing factors for these alcohol-related accidents are many.  There have been various steps taken to try to reduce drinking while driving, including increased enforcement efforts.

However, there remain reasons for concern over the way in which Illinois drunk drivers are handled and processed.  On February 28, 2015 the Chicago Tribune published an article titled “DUI paperwork mistakes allow thousands of drivers back on Illinois roads.”

An excerpt from the article:

Bureaucratic mix-ups have let thousands of drunken drivers avoid mandatory license suspensions and stay on the roads, a Tribune investigation has found.

In addition to discussing the issue, the article also provides various statistics regarding the problem.

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